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Product Assembly

Assembly line

Gmoulding provides fully assembled and semi-finished products and plastic mould maker for our customers. We can test and assemble according to the technical specifications no matter the product batch size or product category. We are equipped with standard assembly line and dust-free workshop, with a group of highly skilled quality testing and assembly staff. We provide a one-stop service for our customers from R & D, production, assembly, quality testing, with timely delivery, excellent quality and services, which have earned us numerous awards and recognitions.

Quality department

We use precision testing instrucments , such as laser two and three-dimensional measuring instruments,high definition camera,projector,microscope,Wear-resisting machine,Salt spray testing equipment,Ultra-sonic weld machine,High and low temperature testing equipment,drop test equipments in our QC process. Our inspect team will provide you professional inspection reports to you before shipment.

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