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How can you effectively reduce the cost of purchasing moulds?

Personally, I think you first need to find out from the marketing people how many orders are expected for the new product? Is it huge? If the new product development review stage does not reach 500,000 orders or more, it is recommended not to harden the mould, but to open a soft mould directly, which is what we usually call a test mould, as the soft mould is less costly, and if the market response is not good, it will save the unnecessary cost of opening a hard mould; if the sales market opens up later and the demand for the product increases dramatically, you can always open a second hard mould during the first set of mass production. The second set of hard moulds, i.e. the duplicate moulds, will not affect the production and shipment progress in any way, and there is also an obvious advantage: the mould factory will sum up a set of design and production experience in the process of the first set of moulds, which will have a lot of room for improvement when applied to the second set of moulds. They will take less detours, but also make the replica mold more towards perfection and perfection; on the other hand, if the unknown product is expected to order quantity of the case from the beginning of the product project on the hard mold, that will only needlessly increase your at least 1/3 of the mold procurement costs; in addition in the engineering design stage also need to mold costs into account, such as the use of S136H, NAK80, etc. as the steel core of the mold material and into the rubber In addition, you need to take the mould cost into consideration in the engineering design stage, such as using S136H, NAK80, etc. as the steel material for the core and the way to use the fine spout mould embryo, etc. will increase the mould cost to different degrees, except of course if the product requirements are high or the customer specifies what material and what process to use.

For the unprofessional it may not really make sense to just consider price in the end and there is a good chance that you will be fooled. Many customers will miss out on some suppliers that are suitable for their company because of the price issue.

I am an injection moulder and I have received many customers who are not familiar with the mould industry, and they may just consider the price of the mould to choose the right partner. In fact, different requirements and types of moulds, need to correspond to different equipment, process technology and production environment.

Those quoted low basic scale small, although the price is low, but in fact and the smaller the mould workshop cooperation is a very big risk. They have little investment in equipment and hardly ever actually process production, they just solicit work and then go out and run outsourcing processes. This should be carefully considered, because the quality and delivery time is more difficult to guarantee, and the later adjustment of the mold repair will affect the customer's own product quality and production progress. So you need to look into the size of the company together with people who know relatively well, to avoid losing more than you gain.     We hope that we can all match to the right partner and casually introduce our company Grandshine technology co.,ltd. The company is located in Shenzhen,Guandong China.moderate size, supporting facilities are complete, to meet to help customers conceptualize the product design aspects of product engineers, injection mould development has a team of structural engineers. We have a team of structural engineers in the development of injection moulds. We provide a full range of services, including injection moulding and production processing.if you need to find suitable mold factory in china,you can contact with me for help on whatsapp: +86 13823302586 or visit Thank you so much.

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