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Mold acceptance criteria of -5 big get!

Mold acceptance criteria

Formed product appearance, size, fit

1、No defects are allowed on the surface of the product: missing material, scorching, top white, white line, peak phi, blistering, pulling white (or pulling crack, pulling off), baking mark, wrinkles.

2、Fusing marks: general round perforation fusing marks length is not more than 5mm, shaped perforation fusing marks length is less than 15mm, fusing marks strength and can pass the functional safety test.

3、Shrinkage: no shrinkage is allowed on the obvious side of the appearance surface, and slight shrinkage is allowed on the inconspicuous side (no dent in the hand).

4、Generally, the flatness of small products is less than 0.3mm, and the assembly requirements need to be ensured if there are assembly requirements.

5、the appearance of obvious places can not have air lines, material flowers, the product generally can not have bubbles.

6、The geometry, size and accuracy of the product should be in accordance with the officially valid mold opening drawings (or 3D files) requirements, product tolerances need to be in accordance with the tolerance principle, negative tolerance for shaft size tolerance, positive tolerance for hole size tolerance, customer requirements according to the requirements.

7、Product wall thickness: product wall thickness is generally required to achieve the average wall thickness, non-average wall thickness should meet the requirements of the drawings, tolerance should be achieved according to the characteristics of the mold -0.1mm.


Mould appearance

1、The content of the mold nameplate is complete, the characters are clear and neatly arranged.

2、The nameplate should be fixed on the mold foot near the template and the reference corner. The nameplate is fixed reliably and not easy to peel off.

3、cooling water nozzle should be selected plastic block insert nozzle, the customer otherwise required by the requirements.

4、The cooling water nozzle should not protrude from the surface of the mold frame.

5、cooling water nozzle need to process the countersink hole, countersink hole diameter of 25mm, 30mm, 35mm three specifications, hole chamfering, chamfering should be consistent.

6、The cooling water nozzle should be marked in and out.

7、mark English characters and numbers should be greater than 5.

8、positioned at 10mm directly below the spout, the handwriting should be clear, beautiful, neat and evenly spaced.

9、mold accessories should not affect the lifting and storage of the mold. There are exposed cylinders, water nozzles, pre-reset mechanism, etc.

below the installation, should be protected by support legs.

10、The installation of the support leg should be fixed on the mold frame with screws through the support leg, and the long support leg can be fastened on the mold frame by turning the external threaded column.

11、The size of the ejector hole of the mold should meet the requirements of the specified injection molding machine, except for small molds, which cannot be ejected with only one center.

12、The positioning ring should be fixed reliably, the diameter of the ring is 100mm, 250mm, the positioning ring is 10~20mm higher than the base plate, except if the customer requires otherwise.

13、The mold outline size should meet the requirements of the specified injection molding machine.

14、The installation of directional requirements of the mold should be marked with arrows on the front or rear template to indicate the installation direction, the arrow should be next to the word "UP", the arrow and text are yellow, the word height of 50 mm.

15、The surface of the mold frame should not have pits, rust stains, redundant rings, in and out of water vapor, oil holes, etc. and defects that affect the appearance.

16、The mold should be easy to lift and transport, and the mold parts should not be disassembled when lifting, and the lifting ring should not interfere with the spigot, cylinder, pre-set lever, etc.

silicone mold

Mold removal and hardness

1、The mold frame should be chosen to meet the standard mold frame.

2、mold forming parts and pouring system (core, moving and fixed mold insert, movable insert, manifold cone, push rod, gate sleeve) materials using performance higher than 40Cr or more materials.

3、molding of mold corrosion-prone plastic, molding parts should be made of corrosion-resistant materials, or its molding surface should take anti-corrosion measures.

4、The hardness of molded parts should be not less than 50HRC, or the hardness of surface hardening treatment should be higher than 600HV.

Mold-out, reset, core extraction, pick-up

1、 Top out should be smooth, no jamming, no abnormal sound.

2、The slant top surface should be polished, and the slant top surface is lower than the core surface.

3、Sliding parts should be opened oil groove, the surface should be nitride treatment, the surface hardness after treatment is HV700 or more.

4、All top bars should have stop rotation positioning, and each top bar should be numbered.

5、The ejection distance should be limited by the limit block.


6、Reset spring should be selected from standard parts, and the ends of the spring should not be polished and cut off.

7、slider, core should have a stroke limit, small slider with spring limit, spring inconvenience installation available bob screw; cylinder core must have a stroke switch.

8、Slider core extraction generally uses oblique guide column, the angle of the oblique guide column should be smaller than the slider locking surface angle of 2 ° -3 °. The slider stroke is too long should be used for cylinder extraction.

9、the cylinder core forming part of the end face is wrapped, the cylinder should add self-locking mechanism.

10、the slider width of more than 150mm below the large slider should be wear-resistant plate, wear-resistant plate material should be selected T8A, after heat treatment hardness of HRC50-55, wear-resistant plate than the large surface higher than 0.05-0.1 mm, and open system oil groove.

11、The top bar should not be strung up and down.

12、 Add barbs on the top bar, the direction of the barbs should be consistent, and the barbs are easy to remove from the products.

13、The clearance between the top rod hole and the top rod, the length of the sealant section, and the surface roughness of the top rod hole should be in accordance with the relevant enterprise standards.

14、The product should be conducive to the operator to take down.

15、the product is easy to follow the slanting top when ejected, the top bar should be grooved or etched.

1638857355 moldquality

Cooling and heating system

1、The cooling or heating system should be fully open.

2、sealing should be reliable, the system should not have leakage under 0.5MPa pressure, easy to repair.

3、The size and shape of the sealing groove opened on the mold frame should meet the requirements of relevant standards.

4、The seal should be greased when it is placed and placed above the surface of the mold frame.

5、water, oil runner spacer should be used to prevent corrosion of the material.

6、 The front and back of the mold should be centralized water supply.

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