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What kind of trouble have you had with your injection molding machine?

Injection molding machine faults are varied and can be classified from different angles

  • According to the state of failure, it can be divided into:
  1. Progressive failure.It is caused by the gradual deterioration of the initial performance of the injection molding machine. Most of the faults of the injection molding machine belong to this kind of fault.This kind of fault is closely related to the process of wear, corrosion, fatigue and creep of electronic control and hydraulic mechanical components.
  2. Sudden failure.Is a variety of adverse factors and accidental external effects of the combined effect, this effect beyond the injection molding machine can withstand the limit.For example: due to the material cylinder into the iron material overload caused by the screw fracture;Breakdown of injection molding machine electronic board due to high pressure penetration.Such failures often occur suddenly and without any warning.
  3. The sudden failure often occurs in the use of injection molding machine, often due to design, manufacturing, assembly and material defects, or operating errors, illegal operations caused by


  • According to the fault nature, it can be divided into:
  1. Intermittent fault.Injection molding machine in a short period of time lost some of its functions, a little repair and debugging can be restored, do not need to replace parts
  2. Permanent failure.Some parts of the injection molding machine have been damaged and need to be replaced or repaired before they can be restored to use


  • According to the fault influence degree, it can be divided into:
  1. Complete failure.Causes the injection molding machine to completely lose function
  2. Local failure.Causes some function loss of injection molding machine


  • According to the cause of failure, it can be divided into:
  1. Wear fault.Failure due to normal wear of the injection molding machine
  2. Misuse failure.Failure due to operation error, improper maintenance
  • Inherent weakness of fault.Due to design problems, the injection molding machine appears weak links, during normal use of the failure


  • According to the risk of failure, it can be divided into:
  1. Hazardous failure.For example, the safety protection system in need of action due to failure to lose the protective effect, resulting in personal injury and injection molding machine failure;Hydraulic electronic control system failure caused by the fault
  2. Security failure.For example, the safety protection system acts when it does not need to act;Injection molding machine cannot start when starting fault.


  • According to the occurrence and development law of injection molding machine faults, it can be divided into
  1. Random failure.The time of failure is random
  2. There is a regular fault.The breakdown occurs with certain regularity

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