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Why must test the mould?

Most defects in moulded products are caused during the plasticising and injection stages, but sometimes they are also related to improper mould design. Possible influencing factors include: the number of cavities, the design of the cold/hot runner system, the type, position and size of the injection port, and the structure of the product itself. Therefore, in order to avoid product defects due to the mould design, we need to analyse the design and process parameters of the mould when making it.

Once the results of the mould trial have been obtained, the operator usually needs to assess the specifics of the mould to avoid adding unnecessary cost and time to the process of making modifications to the mould. In most cases, this evaluation also includes the setting of the machine process parameters. This means that the operator may have unknowingly made incorrect settings in order to compensate for deficiencies in the mould design.

In such cases, the machine's production operation process is abnormal because the range of parameter settings required to produce a qualified product is so small that any slight deviation from the parameter settings may result in a final product that is far outside the permissible margin of error, and the resulting actual production costs are much higher than the costs incurred by carrying out the mould optimisation beforehand.

The purpose of a mould trial is to find out the optimum process parameters and mould design. In this way, even if factors such as material, machine settings or the environment change, a stable and uninterrupted mass production environment can still be ensured, not just to get a good sample. This is very important.

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