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What kind of trouble have you had with your injection molding machine?

Injection molding machine faults are varied and can be classified from different angles According to the state of failure, it can be divided into: Progressive failure.It is caused by the gradual deterioration of the initial performance of the injection molding machine. Most of the faults of the injection molding machine belong to this kind of …

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Grandshine's Japanese education market

Grandshine's plan for the Japanese education market in 2020.We had a meeting with our Japanese clients on 15th Nov. to focus on our next year's project in the Japanese education market.(According to market survey, we focus on the discussion of new product direction, technological innovations, materials and equipment.)In the era of economic globalization and service …

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With Customer

It is amazing that i met Richard Flashenberg in Shenzhen, we have cooperated since 2014. But we never met each other before, This time he came to shenzhen, we met and chatted like old friends.

Our Device on Jetblue Airline

JetBlue announced that it has equipped with iPad Mini for each flight crew from April 2015. The crew members, including service personnel, can process payment through their flight service assistant. Flight Service Assistant , translate and exchange, help to check passenger

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